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Today, there are more than 4000 electric winch handles worldwide. A real success made possible thanks to the boaters who trusted us. Discover their testimonials!

Ewincher in the Netherlands

After receiving Ewincher and its user manual, I installed the application on my phone. Everything is well explained there and we went on vacation, while remaining in the Netherlands due to Covid restrictions.

On the way back from Terschelling to Harlingen in June, I really needed Ewincher. The wind was strong (22 to 24 knots). The Westmeep Ship Canal requires repeated tacking to end up in the middle of traffic (ferries, fishermen and “drizzle vloot” - traditional, flat-bottomed fishing boats from the last century).

Having help to carry out all these tacks is very pleasant. And Ewincher did well.

We are surprised by its power. We are also pleasantly surprised by the battery capacities. After considerable use, we could see that only a small portion of the battery had been used. To summarize, we are really happy with this acquisition. Ewincher makes navigation easier when, like in my case, you get a little older.

Pieter - Netherlands

Ewincher in Japan

“I'm having absolutely brilliant experiences with Ewincher 2 which makes short-handed sailing child's play. It is a powerful tool and the battery capacity is large enough to last several days at sea. It is also easy to recharge. Thank you to you and your colleagues who allowed me to order easily and quickly receive my crank (received 4-5 days later)."

Yusuke - Japan

Ewincher in France

"We took possession of our Dufour 460GL in 2017, equipped with 4 winches. After a long sailing season in the Mediterranean, we felt the need to motorize at least one of the winches, in order to hoist the mainsail with more comfort. Our dealer then alerted us to the difficulties in carrying out this work after the fact (routing cables, dismantling interior trim, price, calling into question the warranty, etc.).

We had, after watching videos on YouTube and visiting the stand at Nautic de Paris, decided to equip ourselves with an Ewincher. It had several decisive advantages: No intervention on the existing installation Control of maneuvers with a sensitivity similar to those operated with a traditional crank Possibility of using Ewincher on any winch Reasonable price in comparison with fixed electric winches. We are, after four years of use, particularly for hoisting the main sail at will, extremely satisfied with our choice.

So much so that, for our new Dufour 470, which we should take delivery of in June 2022, we opted for manual winches. We will therefore continue to use our good old Ewincher, after simply having it serviced. On this subject, the after-sales service ensures perfect support for its customers."

Patrick and Marina - France

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