Ewincher, the electric winch handle

The best way to power your winches

Power all your winches with a single handle “One for all”.

After the success of Ewincher 1 we are happy to annonce the launch of Ewincher 2, even more powerful !

Designed for all boats from 30 to 60 feet.

Extremely versatile thanks to its numerous functionalities, it can be used in all situations and for all manoeuvres.

Available in 2 colours: black and white or yellow and grey.

Ewincher is a great helper on board, a real alternative to the electric winch!

Discover the advantages of Ewincher compared to the electric winch

Better than an electric winch or a 4 speed winch
Do you need help to simplify your manœuver ? You may consider an electric system for your winches, but what is the best option? An electric winch, a 4-speed electric winch or Ewincher?
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No more need for an electric genoa roller-furler
The electric genoa roller-furler is a dedicated powered system. Which solution will provide assistance and safe navigation? Ewincher or an electric genoa roller-furler?
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Is it possible to power a winch with an electric drill-driver?
On internet, you will find products that enable you to adapt drill-drivers to winches, in order to power them. Let's see if this alternative is viable.
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Our latest news

Sailing short handed : adventures ahead !
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The floor is given to our resellers : HiNelson
This winter, we asked some of our partners to tell us more about Ewincher. We wanted to know more about what they think about the electric winch handle.
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Frequently Asked Questions
We tried to collect the questions we are most often asked in this “Frequently Asked Questions” article. If we forget some, do not hesitate to contact our team or one of our resellers.
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What do users think of their electric winch handle
The Ewincher community stretches from Sydney to Portland via Barcelona or La Rochelle. Our users tell us about their experiences with the electric winch handle on board.
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Sail Care
Checking the sails is an essential thing to do if you’d like to take care of your sailboat. It is a “must do” after a season of navigation as making sure to clean all the salt water out of the boat.
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Testimonials of users
Today there are over 4000 electric winch handles worldwide. A real success made possible thanks to the sailors who have trusted us. Discover their testimonials!
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Ewincher joins the adventures of the Ocean Fifty Primonial
Ewincher and the Ocean Fifty Primonial, a partnership driven by a eagerness of performances and technologies ! A real passion for sailing !
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Why you do not have to quit sailing
Sailing is synonymous with passion and freedom for many of us. By equipping your sailboat correctly, changing some of your habits...it is possible to continue to "set sails".
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They love us and say it!

Ewincher has totally changed our lives on board!
Alex - 50ft Catamaran
We wonder how we could have sailed without it!
Corine and Michel - 52 feet - 2 years and 10 000 miles with Ewincher
Try it and you will love it!
Dominique - 42ft - 7 000 miles with Ewincher
The adventure continue on board of Ganesh, Ewincher meets Komodo Dragons.