Ewincher, the first genuine electric winch handle

Ewincher, when maneuvering becomes a pleasure.

With the electric winch handle Ewincher, you don't change anything about the way you sail and you can perform one maneuver after another, regardless of your physical condition, your age or your strength.

With its 3 modes of operation, Ewincher is your new crewmember that assists you with all your maneuvers:

  • In assisted mode: Ewincher does the work for you in the winch's 1st or 2nd speed
  • In manual mode: you can use ewincher like any other winch handle to make adjustments
  • You can even combine manual and assisted modes to reach exceptional hauling speeds

Ewincher's extreme power and adjustable speed allow you to perform all possible maneuvers: hoisting, sheeting, adjusting sails, furling your genoa or even hauling a crewmember up the mast.

Ewincher, an electric winch handle designed with you and your enjoyment in mind:

It’s waterproof, lightweight, locks into the winch and has an ergonomic design: all the controls are at your fingertips. With its standard size, it adapts to all deck layouts. Ewincher can truly be used right out of the box.

Thanks to its battery and high-performance motor, you can head out all day without a problem allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

Discover Ewincher

Ewincher nominee to the Nautic Innovation Awards

The Paris Nautic boat show is now over, during those 10 days of exhibition, Ewincher had a great success from sailors, professionnals and even from the press.

The final to the Nautic Innovation Awards took place Friday night and SEAir won the title followed closely by Ewincher, bravo to them.

Meet us in Düsseldorf

After Paris, meet us on our stand D-45 Hall 11 in Düsseldorf, Germany. A unique occasion to get in touch with us and have a look at Ewincher’s potential!

Ewincher, the electric winch handle designed for you and your enjoyment.

See you in Düsseldorf!

Ewincher embarks on Ganesh to sail the world with Michel and Corinne!

Climb aboard Ganesh with Ewincher to cruise the whole world in company of two sailors, Corinne and Michel.

Received in Thursday Island, North of Australia's costs ewincher is beginning a long journey around the world to fulfil every needs of the crew while maneuvering sails.

Join the adventure !

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