The first genuine electric winch handle

Ewincher, when maneuvering becomes a pleasure.

With the electric winch handle Ewincher, you don't change anything about the way you sail and you can perform one maneuver after another, regardless of your physical condition, your age or your strength.

With its 3 modes of operation, Ewincher is your new crewmember that assists you with all your maneuvers on your sailboat:

  • In assisted mode: Ewincher does the work for you in the winch's 1st or 2nd speed
  • In manual mode: you can use Ewincher like any other winch handle to make adjustments
  • Combined mode: add your own speed to the one of the handle to reach exceptional hauling speeds

Ewincher's extreme power and adjustable speed allow you to perform all possible maneuvers while sailing: hoisting, sheeting, adjusting sails, furling your genoa or even hauling a crewmember up the mast.

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Meet us on International Boat Shows

You want to try Ewincher out? We will be attending the following shows, so come and meet with us! You will be able to test Ewincher on our demonstration benchs and have a good overview of its functionalities and capacity. Contact us at contact@ewincher.com for invitations.

Ewincher : reviews of marine technical experts.

You want to learn more about Ewincher, its reliability or its efficiency ? Following its preview showing during the Nautic boat show 2016 in Paris, many journalists were interested in this sailboat electric winch handle of a new-generation.

You can now discover of Ewincher was welcomed by the press and all the tests at sea made by many great sailing magazines : Voiles et Voiliers, Voile Magazine, le Figaro Nautisme and many others.

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Travel writing of Corinne and Michel

Since 2011, we have been sailing around the world on board our sailing yacht Ganesh, a 15-metre lifting-keel aluminium yacht from the Alliage Yachts boatbuilding yard.

There are two of us on board, Corinne and myself, and I wanted to electrify 3 or 4 winches in order to facilitate handling operations with a small crew, when, visiting Paris in December 2016, I came across the Ewincher at the Nautic boat show. Attracted by the concept, we decided to try this winch handle, which was not yet in production, and we received one of the first units on board 6 months later.

Over the past 6 months, we have covered more than 3000 miles, from the Maluku Islands to Phuket in Thailand, by way of Flores, Bali, Borneo, Singapore, Malacca, Penang, Langkawi, Ko Lanta…

Sailing conditions were very varied, close-hauled, broad reach, flat calm, reefing in strong winds, launching the gennaker, etc., and Ewincher truly became a 3rd crewmember.

Handling operations that used to be performed by two people are now carried out singlehanded with Ewincher – marvellous when night-sailing - the battery life is excellent, familiarisation takes just a few moments, Ewincher enables easy management of the highest loads on board a 50-foot yacht such as ours.

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3000 miles with Ewincher

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