The floor is given to Ewincher resellers : Hi Nelson

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What do our partners think of Ewincher, the electrically assisted handle for winches

They are true professionals in the world of boating and more particularly sailing. They have chosen to promote and offer Ewincher to their customers, whether online or in their stores. As boaters themselves, they are well aware of the essential equipment to have on board their sailboat. That's why we thought it was interesting to ask them about their experience with the Ewincher cordless electric hand crank.

HiNelson: Ewincher reseller in Italy

Lorenzo, part of the HiNelson team based in Italy, shares his personal experience with Ewincher for us. “Ewincher was a game changer for my father and me. As the years went by, my father got older and sailing together became more and more complicated. I had to get into the habit of doing most of the maneuvers myself. Whether it was to tack or hoist the father could no longer participate in life on board as before.

Ewincher: a teammate of choice to enjoy time spent with family

Thanks to Ewincher, which is a wireless and ergonomic crank, we have discovered a simple and safe way to continue sailing and having fun together. And this without worrying about my father's injuries or physical condition. Overall, I would suggest any boaters who do not have electric winches to go with Ewincher. Because, with experience, I have come to see it as an essential safety element to have on board.” You can purchase Ewincher and other essential items for your sailboat on their website. HiNelson is the number 1 Italian online store for quality nautical accessories.