Sailing short-handed: Adventure(s) straight ahead!

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Sailing short-handed is a great way to spend time together and enjoy the joy that comes from sailing towards adventure. Going as a couple or as a family is something that is increasingly “fashionable”. This allows us to share experiences and discover the world together, far from television and smartphones. What a great program! However, you must take some precautions to ensure your safety and that of the crew on board. It is essential to know the safety and navigation rules. Even more so on a sailboat. It is crucial to keep your alertness at a high level. Everything can go very quickly once on the water. This is why it is really important to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Things are constantly changing and moving, on board, at sea and around your ship!

Safety on board: top priority

We recommend that you study the weather forecast. It's a "basic" but a significant step before setting sail. Also feel free to give a flotation plan to the local Coast Guard. At the very least, let a friend know where and when you browse. It is essential to never underestimate the physical challenges that can be involved on a sailboat and to never overestimate yourself. Electronic and electrical devices can also help make life on board easier and safer. Especially when sailing with a short crew. You must be prepared to face all kinds of dangerous situations. The more the crew has studied navigation and the operation of a sailboat, the more the crew is able to help with different tasks on a boat, and the safer you will be. The captain may be sick or injured, etc.! It is therefore important to check your communication equipment - such as the VHF radio - which allows you to send distress messages in the event of an emergency, for example. It is also interesting, depending on the journeys you plan to make on board, to have a satellite telephone. The autopilot is a wonderful aid that can be reliable and precise even in bad weather or when the wind changes. It is a very useful tool when hoisting or trimming sails or simply when you need to rest. You can also think about new innovative and efficient products like the electric winch handle, Ewincher. Less “traditional” than the radio or autopilot, the Ewincher crank can nevertheless be considered “safety equipment”. In fact, it can be used to quickly and easily hoist a man overboard out of the water. This is a huge advantage for short-handed boaters and couples. It can literally save a life. Finally, and most importantly, make sure you have equipment that will improve your comfort on board. Don't forget to bring flashlights. This can be really helpful. You can also put blankets, snacks or coffee on your list to stay warm on your sailboat. Rest and vigilance are essential. You will need to pay close attention to details once on board! Even if you choose to sail as a family or with others, being together 24/7 can be a little stifling! In addition to naps here and there, sometimes it will seem “vital” to have time for yourself.

Calm and rest are essential.

Finally, there is neither time nor interest in arguing during a maneuver. When operating the sails, you must be completely focused on your surroundings and what you are doing. Sailing with a reduced crew means that the physical potential involved during the maneuver is limited. This must be compensated by greater attention to detail. Lack of experience or sailing with a small crew, like the size of the boat, can quickly increase the complexity of maneuvers! You have to manage the sails and avoid a possible accident. Indeed, for example, when the weather changes, handling the sails becomes the most important and critical task on board. With Ewincher, you have a teammate who is always ready: fast and powerful. The electric winch handle can be used to turn a winch with almost no sweat!The pressure variator button on the handle allows you to maintain total control of the maneuver. You get feedback on what you do. It helps you become aware of the efforts made (on the ropes, the sails, the crank itself, etc.). Ewincher is a great help and can motorize all the winches on your sailboat. The electric winch handle makes your tasks easier. Reefing, tacking or hoisting the sails will be much easier for you and your crew.

Tempted by adventure?

There are many couples and families who have decided to change their lives and live on board. Some of them are "famous" on the Internet like this young couple who set off to conquer the Atlantic, aboard the " Sailing Merewether”. If you want to know more about these families taking on this challenge, you can also search for “Sailing Merewether”. Vagabonde » Sailing La Vagabonde on Youtube for example. This couple and their son live on their sailboat. They have millions of followers. On Facebook, you can also follow the adventures of a French family equipped with Ewincher, < a href="">"The Anchor and the Sails”.

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