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Le Figaro Nautisme publishes a complete technical article on winches and suggests opting for motorization using the electric crank rather than the winch itself.

In a particularly rich and precise article, Albert Brel explains everything you need to know about winches on a boat. Article written by Albert Brel, published in January 2022 on the website www.figaronautisme.meteoconsult.fr

Read the article</a >original Albert Brel scanned the winches.

In his article written for Le Figaro Nautisme, he gives us a set of details which allows us to better understand this element of the sailboat. Because, better understanding a tool also means having a solid foundation to better know how to choose it, understand it, use it or even maintain it.

The different types of winches: review of the characteristics

After having scanned the technical characteristics of the manufacturers (definition of torque etc.), the article focuses on the different models of winches and the materials used. Standard or Self-Tailing? Electric, hydraulic or manual? The type of winches can affect navigation and certain types of maneuvers. For example: “On a standard model, the rope is not retained. You have to carry out several maneuvers at the same time, turn the crank, tighten the rope and turn it on a cleat.” The type of winches on a boat can therefore simplify or complicate the maneuvers that can be carried out on a daily basis (catching rice, hoisting the mainsail, tacking, etc.).

And depending on age, experience, strength, current physical condition, the crew on board... It may be necessary to seek to facilitate maneuvers, both for reasons of comfort and safety.

In the article in Le Figaro Nautisme, questions about the material used are also addressed, whether for the bearings or the headstock, but also for maintenance issues. Do not hesitate to read his advice on how to properly maintain your winches, whatever their type.

Winches and technological developments

To finish his article, Albert Brel addresses technological developments linked to winches and in particular questions of motorization. On the subject of electric winches, he writes: “They have followed the evolution of technology with equally efficient but smaller motors which can be installed on or under deck or even integrated into the winches.” Despite this, the option of the electric crank is an alternative not to be forgotten. Albert Brel advises Ewincher which stands out in comparison with the models offered so far in recent years. “It uses modern techniques while retaining the concept of a manual crank.” We can only approve his analysis, and advise you to opt for Ewincher which will allow you to motorize all the winches on your boat!

The Ewincher team invites you to read this article, which we are convinced will be very useful to you.

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