New dealers Moory Nautics : what do they think of Ewincher?

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Moory Nautics: our new Scandinavian partner

Moory Nautics is Scandinavia's newest and fastest growing e-commerce store for boat accessories. You can now buy Ewincher from Moory - they recently started selling the product and the handles are already spinning! In this text, Moory shares his own impressions of Ewincher. As passionate sailors, we are always looking for new tools and technologies that can improve our sailing experience - and that of our customers. So when we heard about the eWincher – an electric winch handle that promises to make trimming sails easier and more efficient – ​​we couldn't wait to try it. And it seems we're not the only ones. When we had just received our first order for the eWincher into our warehouse, the first unit sold out in less than 5 hours - a testament to the excitement and buzz surrounding this innovative product. Now that we've had the chance to test the eWincher ourselves, we're excited to share our first impressions. We think eWincher is a winner and we are confident it will be a big online seller.

Ewincher - a winning concept on the sailboat

Ewincher is a revolutionary electric winch handle that has taken the sailing industry by storm. It is a smart and innovative solution that has simplified the difficult task of sailing, making it less physically demanding and more enjoyable for sailors.

Since its introduction, eWincher has been praised for its many benefits, and it's easy to see why. In our opinion, the main advantages - from the point of view of Moorys customers - are:

  • Easy to use: eWincher is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with simple controls that allow for easy use. We cater to the big market of normal people - they want convenience.
  • Effortless Wincher: With eWincher, you can hail your heavy mainsail in seconds without the need for strenuous manual labor. Many of our customers are older - it's perfect for them.
  • Speed ​​and efficient: eWincher can winch your sail much faster than manual winching, saving you valuable time to go faster.
  • Battery Powered: eWincher runs on a rechargeable battery, which means you don't have to worry about plugging it in or running cords all over your boat. Again - no need to install anything.
  • Compatibility: eWincher is compatible with all winches - plug and play.

A great product to buy online

As more and more people look for ways to make their lives easier and more efficient, eWincher offers a solution that solves a common problem in the sailing industry. Traditional winches require physical effort to operate, which can be a challenge for older or less physically fit sailors. In Scandinavia, e-commerce has exploded over the past two years. Penetration is not the least developed in older communities and there are many sailors who still want to go out with their boats.

These sailors will now find eWincher online - and with clear, detailed information, they can feel secure about the why and how. We also think Ewincher will be a big online seller because of the fast deliveries and convenience. Customers can order the product online and have it shipped directly to their door - most customers get next day delivery.

Since Ewincher is something of an investment, a central warehouse makes a lot of sense, eliminating the need to visit a physical store or boat supply store. The product's simple installation process also means that customers can quickly start using it without the need for professional installation. Finally, Ewincher's pricing provides an excellent value proposition for customers.

While this may seem expensive compared to traditional winch handles, it is much cheaper than installing an electric winch. Its many benefits and features make it a wise investment for serious sailors who want to enjoy their time on the water without physical exertion. With all these factors in mind, we are confident that Ew incher will be a big seller online and will continue to gain popularity in the sailing community.