Why not give up sailing!

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Why not give up sailing!

The sea, the open sea, the wind, nature and this very special feeling of freedom that accompanies the practice of navigation is incomparable. Sailing is a passion, a need for many of you. However, the vagaries of life can mean that the question of continuing, or starting, the practice of sailing may arise.

Don't put your dreams aside: set sail!

Because sailing means continuing to explore, to dream, to discover. Indeed, sailing allows you to keep in mental shape. The fresh air, the interactions with other sailors in port, the responsibility of a possible crew are all arguments in favor of practicing sailing. From a physical point of view, when you sail on a sailboat, the body is not put to the same test as when running or playing tennis. Because sailing on a sailboat is what we call a “mounted” sport, a mechanical sport.

Age, injury, back or shoulder problems...can quickly be seen as insurmountable difficulties. “I can no longer do sports”, “I am too old to practice sailing”.

At Ewincher, we believe that you don't have to give up on your passion.

Adapting your boat to your own physical condition seems to be the solution. Age is not necessarily a barrier According to the French Federation of Marinas, the average age of a pleasure boat owner has increased from 60 to 65 years in a short time.

And it progresses by one year every year!

It’s a fact, many navigators are retired. And even if we will not all be capable of carrying out the same adventures as John Sanders - who, at 81, completed his eleventh solo circumnavigation - age is not necessarily a barrier to the practice of sailing. . The important thing is to listen to yourself. If you feel capable and you are in good shape, desire and health take precedence over age. Certainly, the years have an impact on our endurance and strength.

You must not lie to yourself. But should we therefore abandon the idea of ​​sailing? Continue to practice sailing: change your habits Chronic pain in the shoulder or back, like lack of strength, can be felt in each of us. The years that pass generally don't help matters. However, by prioritizing comfort and conviviality, it is possible to continue sailing. Sea trips can be made shorter. It is not necessary to make long crossings to find pleasure in sailing.

The French coastline, like many others, is full of little-used coves and coves. Anticipation also remains a basic rule and will allow you to avoid making movements hastily and in an uncomfortable position. You will have to replace the strength of your body with that of your brain!

Adapt your boat to your physical condition

It is also important to change your habits and arrange your boat according to your physical condition. For example, it is possible to modify your sailboat by installing automated or electrical equipment.

Electric furlers and winches, self-tacking jibs are all excellent ways to reduce the physical work associated with navigation.

Opt for the electric winch handle

You can also think about the electric winch handle, Ewincher, which allows you to keep all the sensations to which you are accustomed.

For many, Ewincher is like having an extra crew member on board. The crank makes all maneuvers on a sailboat easier (climbing the mast, hoisting the mainsail, tucking in a genoa, etc.).

User testimonials from all over the world attest to the positive sides of the electric winch handle:

“I'm having absolutely great experiences with Ewincher 2 which makes short-handed sailing child's play.” Yusuke - Japan

“We are, after four years of use, particularly for hoisting the main sail at will, extremely satisfied with our choice.” Patrick - France

“We bought an Ewincher and it transformed my sailing experience. I am a 60 year old woman and although I have sailed our 57 foot Swan a lot, I have never been able to feel in control. This is no longer the case with Ewincher.” Sally - UK

With the Ewincher electric winch handle on board, maneuvers that require strength and energy are simplified.

You then fully enjoy the pleasure of sailing while keeping control and your habits.

The choice of your equipment is therefore decisive if you want to make your daily life on board easier and thus allow all the members of your crew to participate. Physical condition, morphology, age… are no longer an obstacle to the practice of sailing.

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