Ewincher joins the Ocean Fifty Primonial adventure!

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For this 2022 school year, Ewincher is happy to associate the Océan Fifty Primonal with its projects.

Like Ewincher, the Primonial Sailing Team is an entrepreneurial adventure, at the cutting edge of technology. It’s a team that resembles us: demanding and passionate. The Ewincher electric winch handle is the ideal teammate in the world of recreational boating.

Of course, for the crew of the Ocean Fifty Primonial, there is no question of using it in competition. However, during technical development sessions of the boat where sail changes and maneuvers follow one another, the use of Ewincher is a valuable alternative which helps avoid physical exhaustion of the crew. The electric crank is also very useful during short-handed conveying phases. Thanks to this exceptional partnership, Ewincher is thus tested in varied and very demanding conditions.

The Primonial Sailing Team provides invaluable technical feedback for a company like ours, constantly seeking innovation. Watch our on-board video!

Ewincher, a crank built to resist effort

The Ocean Fifty Primonial is an exceptional boat that demonstrates great performance. Launched in 2009, the 3.2-ton Primonial trimaran can reach a maximum speed of 42 knots!

The sail area upwind is 175m² and downwind, 260m² and the mast is 23 meters high. Watch how Sébastien Rogue, skipper of the Ocean Fifty Primonial, easily mounts the mainsail of this competition multihull! The Primonial Sailing Team: a team focused on competition and records The Ocean 50 Primonial underwent structural work in 2019 and 2020 to make it as efficient as the latest generation boats.

Several modifications were made including changing the mast, the cap, the installation of a second winch column, as well as a new set of sails. The ship's electrical and computer networks, as well as meticulous and in-depth work on aerodynamics, have made it possible to improve technicality and safety.

Skipped by Sébastien Rogues, who fell into the world of sailing at the age of 6, the Primonial Sailing Team is a professional sports team. Team spirit, involvement and the search for innovation are part of the daily life of these passionate people who love competition.

Indeed, Sébastien Rogues and Matthieu Souben won the last edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2021. And it’s not over! Sébastien Rogues has validated his participation in the legendary Route du Rhum.

This famous solo transatlantic race will celebrate the fastest sailors in each category. Skippers such as Michel Desjoyeaux, Loïc Peyron, Ellen Mac Arthur and François Gabart took part in this solo race.