Voile Magazine test Ewincher, the electric winch handle.

The Ewincher handle seems to be a good alternative to the electric winch. We appreciate its reasonable weight (2.2kg), its standard size (25cm) that enable a manual use and great autonomy. Indeed, the lithium Ion battery offers a 3 000 mAh capacity. Its use is very intuitive with its two rotation speeds, engageable by a simple pression on the button directly located under the pommel. We can get back to the manual mode as well or de-clutch thanks to a simple position switch of the handle on the winch. Concerning the speed rotation, it is settled with the help of a button on the handle. It is from 0 to 100 turns per minute according to the impulsion given by the person who is sheeting in himself. The effect is a bit surprising at the first use because the handle must be held by the strength of the arm to bring the winch rotation about. But rest assured, we get faster doing it, and any case, the couple is limited so that the power is not higher than 450 watts. During normal activity within the scope of a cruise, its use is 2 days-long without charging it.


Practise 1: the button located under the pommel enables to choose between small and big speed.

Practise 2: On a 220V basis, charging the battery spends two hours. The power adaptor 12-220V is supplied.