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Discover Ewincher
Its capacity and characteristics

With the Ewincher SE or Ewincher 2 cranks, you benefit from immediate assistance to carry out all your maneuvers:

- Hoist the mainsail,

- Trim all your sails,

- Turn effortlessly,

- Roll up your genoa,

- Reassemble your annex….

With Ewincher, you will never have maneuvered so quickly!

How to use Ewincher to get the best result?

Discover in this tutorial how to use Ewincher, its different modes of use:
- Electric
- Manual
- Combined

You also discover how to configure and use the integrated torque limiter. For more information, do not hesitate to look at our technical characteristics. Ewincher comes with all the accessories you need to use it.

What are converted drills worth
with a winch tip?

Drills/drivers are wonderful tools, you can find offers offering to use them with a specific tip to operate your winches. Is this a real maneuver assistance solution?

We put these navigation solutions to the test on our test bench, watch the results obtained in the video.

How to use Ewincher to get the best result?

Thanks to Ewincher, carrying out a tack becomes an incredibly simple operation. Whether you are new to sailing or experienced, the Ewincher electric winch handle makes this essential maneuver smooth and accessible to everyone.

This means less stress, less fatigue, and more fun every time you go out to sea.
Whether you sail solo or with a crew, this innovative technology simplifies your experience at sea and allows you to savor every moment on board.

3 simplified maneuvers
with Ewincher, the electric winch handle

For owners of an Ewincher, maneuvers requiring energy and strength are simplified.
Thanks to the electric Ewincher winch handle, raise the mainsail, perform tacks, or even climb a crew member at the mast becomes child's play.

Simplify your daily life on board and allow all members of your crew to participate. Shoulder problems, lack of strength or energy will no longer be obstacles to sailing. Continue sailing with the assistance of your new teammate on board!