La prima vera Maniglia Elettrica per Winch


Testimonianze dei clienti:


"Try it and you will love it! Now I have one, i would be very sad if I had to sail without it.

I used Ewincher for more than a year on my boat “Igloo”, a 42ft Cruising Catamaran.After more than 7000 miles traveled with Ewincher i think it’s time for a feedback.

Ewincher bring a lot of comfort especially when it comes to furl my sail especially the genoa that is quite close to the solent, it needed to be roved in order to tack. 70 turns every time, that’s quite the job!

It allows me to focus more on my maneuver and my sails instead of having my focus took by the effort with a classic winch handle.

Try it and you will love it! Now I have one, i would be very sad if I had to sail without it "

Corinne & Michel on board of Ganesh

Maneuver are now easily singlehanded thanks to Ewincher"

Since 2011, Corinne and I have been sailing around the world on board of Ganesh, a 15-metre lifting-keel aluminium yacht. I wanted to electrify 3 or 4 winches in order to facilitate handling operations, as i discovered Ewincher, attracted by the concept, we decided to acquire one.

Over the past 2 years, we have covered more than 10000 miles, (Autralia, Indonesia, philipinnes…) sailing conditions were very varied, and Ewincher truly became our 3rd crewmember. Handling operations that used to be performed by two people are now carried out singlehanded with Ewincher, the battery life is excellent, Ewincher enables easy management of the highest loads on board.

After 2 years our Ewincher is in perfect condition and I wonder how I managed to do without it the previous years.


"Amazing, we never thought the advantages of Ewincher can make such a difference."

We felt we had to write you a review as our excitement was outstanding. Our rig is all about performance, we built our ideal racer/cruiser as a one-off designed by Erik Lerouge. Low windage, 7t, high pointing and faster than windspeed, 93 sqm main sail, weight 85kg. The low weight requirement and positions of the winches does not really allow us to have electric winches installed. And we would need the power on 4 stations, simply no option. We spent so much for all sandwich, carbon and kevlar. Operating the boat above TWS 10 by a crew of two is a real challenge, but the energy in the rig under these conditions is enormous and using the Ewincher changed our life !

We never thought the advantage of a winch handle can make such a difference, but it seems it is adding just the missing endurance or few extra Newtons to allow us comfortably trim the jib under load. Hoisting the mainsail is possible now by only one.

Press articles and tests:

Ewincher, winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018

Ewincher, winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018

Discover the article of the well-known US magazine Sail, that after discovering Ewincher, rewarded it with the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018!

"The concept of a stand-alone portable electric winch handle have been made simple and straightforward, little more than oversized electric drills, while Ewincher takes the game to a whole new level of sophistication."

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review by international yatching media

Ewincher thouroughly tested by IYM

"We tested Ewincher over few weeks, first out of the water and then on board and, we can already disclose it, we have really liked it!

State-of-the-art batteries, lightness, integration with the App are all features that make this product a precious and truly effective tool to facilitate maneuvers on board.

But let’s proceed step by step and let’s see how the winch handle acted during our test."

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Yatching World

Electric winch, 4-speed winches or electric winch handle?

"Electric winches are often considered as reference for any navigator needing a help on deck. Yet, they are far from perfect, starting with the prohibitive cost.

In the last few years, new solutions have been found: 4-speed winches and electric winch handles.
Here is an overview of their comparative advantages:"

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