According to Yacht Magazine, Ewincher is the best solution to power all your winches

Ewincher received 5 stars from two tests realized last year by Yacht in order to define the best solution to motorize a winch. We summarize the two articles on this page.

Published in April 2021 

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You may, or will have the idea to motorize a winch on your boat one day. Lack of strength and stamina, sometimes both because of the age…, many cruising crews find it difficult to operate the winches.
Electric winches would be an option, but it is also a huge investment - the power packs cost from 2000 euros just for one unit ! And it is not the only “issue”. For example, electric winches are terrible for service batteries and most electric winches do not have a speed regulator which can be really dangerous for both your boat and yourself."

Electric winch handles : a real alternative

"Indeed, electric winch handles provide inexpensive help as an alternative to the permanently installed and expensive electric sheet and halyard winches." ewincher best way to power a winchThat’s why Yacht Magazine, a reference for sailors, carried out a test on the different solutions to power your winches, with 8 products put to the test.

And, that is how the Ewincher - the first generation, in the beginning of last year, was proclaimed the winner of this test, way ahead of its competitors - Winchrite, Modea, a solid offset screwdriver from DeWalt or cordless drills. 

This is a great recognition from sailing professionals. Moreover, when the same magazine, in the Yacht 07/2021, tests the second generation of the Ewincher and qualifies our electric winch handle as a further developed successor of itself.

Let’s have a focus on what Yacht is thinking about the Ewincher - and its competitors, and how the Ewincher wins, twice in a row, 5 stars for Yacht tests.

Ewincher is powerful but not rough : safety first !

"The soft start of the Ewincher ensures smooth work even when the speed button is fully pressed.  And it is so important that an electric winch handle can start up slowly, and, above all, in a controlled manner. A smart way to not injure your wrist or your boat. This prevents dislocations. 
In addition, the Ewincher stops if the force becomes too high. This maximum pull on the crank handle can be controlled through the app set to the exact kilogram. Safety first, even if the Yacht test proves that the Ewincher has the strongest torque.
One of the characteristics that distinct the Ewincher from its competitors as Winchrite is that the locking of the electric winch handle is a safety mechanism to prevent the Ewincher from falling out of the winch."

Design, weight, cordless: Ewincher is nothing but ergonomic !

"The design of the Ewincher is inspired by standard cranks. Indeed, the Ewincher shape was thought to be ergonomic, with a palm grip, unlike its competitors. 
Ewincher is cordless, on the contrary of the Modea electric winch handle, and weighs only 2.2kg - more than 3kg for the Winchrite electric winch handle.
The Ewincher is really easy to use on board so you can keep all your user reflexes and sail the way you use to. For example, the Ewincher is the only one to have the same length as a conventional handle (10 inches long - 250 mm)."

Batteries: a major point for sailors
"The Ewincher is one of the electric winch handles that works on its own batteries (230 - and 12 - volts charging options). 
It doesn't use the service batteries on the contrary of Modea for example. Moreover, if you want to or if your boat is more than 45 feet, you have the opportunity to buy a second or replacement battery for your Ewincher (349 euros). It is a good thing to know that you could change the battery and not the entire device in case of a problem with it - in the contrary of the Winchrite."

Trust Yacht, a real reference for sailors, and let the Ewincher get on board !

To wrap up, don’t give up on your passion, on sailing because of the efforts operating on a winch can demand ! From the motorization of a winch to the use of an electric winch handle, there are alternatives. Batteries, price, level of accuracy…so much strong points that we can say that the Ewincher is way better than an electric winch.