Powerful and fast

Overview of EWINCHER's performances

More powerful, faster and enduring than the best crew member, EWINCHER is an indispensable tool for a navigator who wants to be assisted by the best crew.

powerful, it Produce 450W of electric power combined with a 90 Nm torque:

  • Ewincher can easily hoist a 110 kg crew member up the mast on a 55-footer.
  • Ewincher can easily trim a 160m² spinnaker in 15 knots of wind.

FAST, it provides up to 100 rotations per minute in electric mode:

  • Ewincher hoists the mainsail in 65 seconds on a 45-footer (Oceanis 45).

Some elements of comparison in relation to a crew member:

Let's compare, referring to some data, EWINCHER's performance with an athletic and robust crew member in top shape.

Some power data:

Physically, winching means exerting rotational force on the handle. This complex movement requires a particularly intense and concentrated effort from the crew member: in effect, it is much easier for the crew member to resist a force by remaining motionless than to exert the same force with a rotating motion.No matter how strong a crew member is, it is difficult to winch and exert a full rotation when the required effort on the handle exceeds 25kg. On the other hand, EWINCHER's maximal torque is over 90 Nm, which is equivalent to a force of more than 36 kg on the handle !
(Find out here why it is easier to winch with EWINCHER than with a traditional handle.)

Some speed data:

It is difficult for a  crew member to winch consistently at more than 60 rotations per minute, even when the tension in the ropes is moderate. As soon as the tension increases, it becomes very difficult to maintain the same pace.

In contrast, EWINCHER's electric mode has a speed range of 0 to 100 rpm. Not only is EWINCHER faster than a crew member, but it also provides the same amount of power at all times and does not weaken when the rope  increases.

And that is without mentioning the combined mode, which enables EWINCHER to reach an unbeatable trimming speed of up to 160 rotations per minute! (for more information on the modes of use, see our dedicated rubric here)

Some endurance data:

A crew member in (very) good physical condition will be able to provide a maximum of 200 W for 30 seconds while winching constantly: beyond that, they will not be able to provide as much energy.

They will gradually slow down and lose energy.On the other hand, EWINCHER provides 230W of useful energy*, which can be used at full speed until the battery is flat: EWINCHER is much more enduring. (For more information on battery life, see our dedicated section here).

* EWINCHER provides 450 W of electric energy supplied by the battery. The motor and a gear system transform this electric energy into useful energy produced by the end fitting(the winch tip) : It powers the winch. The useful energy provided by EWINCHER on the winch tip is thus 230W.