Our quality commitment

Product quality, reliability and performance have been EWINCHER's top priorities since its conception. But these three features, as we all know, are nothing without our customers' trust:This is why providing impeccable customer service has always been at the heart of our commitment.

At EWINCHER, design and manufacturing quality is not just an obsession: it is the basis of its identity.

With almost thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, EWINCHER's designer and CEO, Bruno Rabu has made quality his major concern. The entire team, from design to manufacturing, shares this concern for quality: Marine products require the highest quality, due to the extreme conditions they are subjected to.


Given the demanding environment that EWINCHER was designed for, we paid particular attention to the choice of materials, conceiving and engineering EWINCHER accordingly.

  • The plastic components are made of fibreglass reinforced Polyamide 12. It is a highly technical plastic, both very lightweight and resistant (90MPa resistance). It is more robust than aluminium (70MPa). These parts are the casings (shells) of the handle, the battery and the Palm Grip.
  • The gears are made of alloy steel, heat treated and cemented.The resistance obtained is over 1500MPa. These gears enable an extremely high torque transmission while remaining well below their working potential.
  • The end tip is made of stainless steel 316L. The choice of high quality stainless steel guarantees its corrosion resistance. Effectively, it is practically wear-free, contrary to most standard handle end tips which are made of aluminium (4 times less resistant).
  • Highly protected electronics:

The handle is fully watertight (protection rate: IPX6). We took care in tropicalising the electronic card; in other words, making it insensitive to warm and humid climates (climate conditions which are harmful for electronics).

Data transmission between the Palm Grip and the arm of the handle is realised via patented contactless technology, which avoids wear or corrosion on contacts.

  • Wear-free motor: it is a brushless motor.


A marine product, as stipulated, requires unimpaired quality. That is why we chose to assemble the EWINCHER handless ourselves, implementing a quality control policy throughout the production process in our workshop in France.

Prior to the delivery, the EWINCHER systematically undergoes a long testing process: each component is individually tested before, during and after assembly; and once assembled, each handle is also submitted to advanced testing.

Moreover, this requirement for unimpaired product quality has led us to choose French suppliers for most EWINCHER components. The most technical parts of the wireless electric winch handle, such as the electronic board, the casings ("shells") or the gearing system are, therefore, manufactured locally in France by our suppliers, who meet our high standard quality requirements.