Lightweight and easy to use

Ewincher was designed on the model of the standard handle and has all its advantages, so you can keep all your user reflexes!

EWINCHER weighs only 2.2 kg. Resulting from extensive research on ergonomics, the EWINCHER shape is similar to that of a standard handle. Everything has been designed to make it easy to hold and use on board, including its Palm grip.

EWINCHER is 10 inches long (250 mm), the same length as a conventional handle.Thus, EWINCHER adapts perfectly to your deck layout.As for storage, EWINCHER comes with its own ergonomic holder, at hand in the cockpit.

Dimensions EWINCHER versus manivelle standard

EWINCHER versus standard handle

Dimensions EWINCHER versus manivelle Palm Grip

EWINCHER versus Palm Grip handle

If you think that it would be difficult to fit your EWINCHER around the bimini area, do not worry, EWINCHER is also designed for this situation. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will explain how to use it easily in this situation.

Why is it easier to winch with EWINCHER than with a standard handle ?

Remember that using Ewincher in electric mode is not just a matter of pressing a button for trimming: handling Ewincher also involves holding the handle and keeping it still, in order to compensate for the torque.

However, if the crew member exerts force on the standard handle to winch manually, they exert exactly the same force on Ewincher to compensate for the torque. Ewincher's ease of use is not based on the complete absence of effort, but on the effort itself, that Ewincher makes much more comfortable and significantly less demanding. Despite this effort, winching with Ewincher is much easier than with a standard handle.

  • No rotational effort required. While winching with a standard handle requires an intense effort, mobilising several joints, using Ewincher's electric mode is simply a matter of holding the handle, while remaining still: The effort to be produced is thus much less demanding for the body.  
  • Unrivalled ergonomic comfort. The Ewincher handle has been designed to allow the crew member to be in the most comfortable position for holding the handle. A few explanations :
Referring to the adjacent picture: when the tension in the line is too high, it becomes difficult to winch in the red sector and much easier in the green sector, where the crew member benefits from more power. It is in the latter, that the handle torque can be compensated easily: Holding back the handle becomes child's play!So that you can always position EWINCHER in this angle of attack, the handle is disengaged when not used.



Another highly key feature of Ewincher's ergonomics is its Palm Grip, which allows the user to compensate perfectly for the torque by distributing body force equally.