Built-in torque limiter

In order to avoid damage to the equipment, and for your own safety, EWINCHER is equipped with a torque limiter, directly accessible via all smartphones.

This application also provides you with access to other valuable data during navigation. You will be able to access, amongst other things, the detailed battery charge level, the remaining operating time and the user manual.

On this application, you can easily select the torque limit not to be exceeded, beyond which EWINCHER will not be able to force.

Ewincher app

electric winch sail

You can adjust this limit between 10 and 36 kg. This measure corresponds to the force that you hold in the palm grip, and not to the tension that the halyard is submitted to.

For example, if you choose 25 kg as a limit, EWINCHER will stop as soon as the force that you retain in the hand palm is over 25 kg. The corresponding tension on your halyard will depend on the size of your winch.

The torque limiter manufacturer setting is 23 kg, by default.