Battery pack - Ewincher 2

Dear customer, we don't sell directly in the USA, please contact our local reseller in the US or in Canada to buy your Ewincher. More information on our reseller network here :
- USA resellers
- Candian resellers

The ewincher battery is made with high quality materials and was tested to ensure optimal operation and maximum battery life. Easy to withdraw, you can charge it when it's flat or eventually switch with your spare battery. Your sailboat is abroad? Go sailing with your electric winch handle Ewincher, our batteries can be taken on an airplane (checked-in and carry-on luggages).

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Our electric winch handle batteries have a great autonomy, enough to sail a day without a problem.

Example of use on a 40 feet sailboat with a 15 knots wind:

  • Hoist 3 times the main sail
  • Tack 30 times
  • Charging time: 1h30in 12V and 220V

For sailboats bigger than 45 feet, we recommend having a spare battery.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesiate to contact us.

Batterie V2

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