Pocket handle


This handle pocket is perfectly designed to store your ewincher. It has a simple, quick, and effective fastening system that all sailors will appreciate, since you can quickly attach the pocket when you’re sailing, then remove it for storing when the boat is moored (saves space, UV protection).

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- Fixing with screws
- Polyester PVC 2 faces
- white color

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ewincher has totally changed our lives on board!
Alex - 50ft Catamaran
We wonder how we could have sailed without it!
Corine and Michel - 52 feet - 2 years and 10 000 miles with Ewincher
Try it and you will love it!
Dominique - 42ft - 7 000 miles with Ewincher
The adventure continue on board of Ganesh, Ewincher meets Komodo Dragons.