The winch handle - Ewincher

Now, with Ewincher, we maneuver easily and with one hand"

Since 2011, Corinne and I are sailing across the world on board of Ganesh, a 15 meters yacht. At the begining i wanted to motorise 3 or 4 winches, then i discovered Ewincher.

Those past 2 years, we crossed more than 10 000 miles (Australia, Indonésia, Philippines ...) we've met with various weather conditions... Manoeuvres that needed 2 crewmembers can now be done alone.

The battery life is exellent and Ewincher allows us to easily cope with difficult maneuvres.

After 2 years, our Ewincher is still in perfect shape and I wonder how I managed to do without it all those years.