Frequently asked questions:

You have just acquired your electric winch handle ewincher or you are about to join the growing community of the ewinchers! Here answers to the most often asked questions.

Ewincher, for what boats?

You can use electric assisted handle ewincher on all types of sailing boats equipped with winches. For optimal results, privilege a size between 30 and 50 feet, mono or multihull.

What is the height of sail for which Ewincher produces the best results?

The connected winch handle is designed to be used on sailboats equipped with winches whose coast P of the mainsail is lower than 18m.

Ewincher, for which manoeuvres?

You can use the electric winch handle ewincher to hoist, harden sheets, harden up all the sails of your boat: mainsail, genoa, foc, spi
You can also use ewincher on your windlasses or to raise your skittles and your drifts.

Ewincher, for what type of winch?

Use the electric winch handle ewincher on all the winches of your sailboat:

  • Vertical and horizontal winch (foot of mast)
  • Winch on catheads
  • Flat winch
  • Winch of raising of the skittles and drifts

Is this possible to go up to the mast?

Ewincher has the power necessary to hoist heavy loads, it is thus possible to go up to the mast. However, the purchaser is only responsible for the suitable selection of the products to carry out this operation as well as installation of the adapted security systems. The Chrysadev company declines any responsibility for such a selection and such an operation.

How to start using ewincher?

The electric winch handle ewincher is delivered ready to be used! It is however recommended to carry out a full charge of the battery before the first use (with a converter 1.5A on your boat or directly on power supply).

What is the power and the intensity developed by ewincher?

The electric winch handle ewincher develops a power of 430W with an intensity of 18A thanks to its battery of winch 24V.It profits from an excellent output thanks to its “brushless” motorization and its gears specifically studied for this kind of effort.

What advantages to use an engine “brushless”?

The principal defect of the engines with balai is the presence of the brushes which cause friction.
Using an engine “brushless” or also called engine “without brush” is to maximize the lifetime of the handle ewincher and to increase its reliability.It is also to guarantee an optimal output while profiting from the best possible weight-power ratio!

Which maximum speed of rotation during the operations?

Ewincher has a range of variation speed from 15 to 80 turns per minute.It allows at the same time a great speed of execution during the manoeuvres but also of the precision adjustments in assisted mode.

What is the autonomy of ewincher?

The electric winch handle ewincher is equipped with a battery Lithium Ion with a 3000mAh capacity, it will accompany you without trouble all your day long while cruising.For longer cruising, you can charge a second battery directly on your boat and easily exchange them thanks to the system “plug in play”.

Example of use with 15 nodes of wind, on a 40 feet sailboat:

-Hoist 3 times the mainsail

-Roll out and in 12 times the genoa

Battery charge: how and what duration?

You can charge the electric handle ewincher either on your boat thanks to a converter 1.5A or directly on power supply.For a full charge of your battery, count approximately 45 minutes.

What consumption on my batteries of service?

If you wish to charge ewincher on the batteries of service, that will consume approximately 1.5% to 2% of the capacity of a park of 370Ah is approximately 3Ah (to be noted:the battery functions in 24V whereas the boat functions in 12V).

Why privilege wireless?

To privilege an electric wireless handle, you have a product immediately usable on all the winches of your sailboat.That also enables you to control the power use of your park of batteries, not to have to carry out modifications on your boat and also of being able to easily transport it on your sailboat or the one of your friends!

Is Ewincher easy to handle?

The electric winch handle ewincher is not more cumbersome than a standard handle!It is 250mm long and weighs only 2.2kg, which makes the lightest electric assisted winch handle on the market.

Must one obligatorily have a smartphone to use ewincher?

It is possible to settle ewincher according to your practice using a smartphone or a tablet computer.However, all the handles are delivered with a factory adjustment and thus ready to use!

Which resistance to the elements?

Ewincher is a waterproof electric winch handle and has certification IP X6.Especially developed for the sailing, it is not afraid of big waves!

Can one lock ewincher on the winch?

The handle ewincher is the only electric handle to have a locking system on the winch.That enables you to leave the handle on station if you wish it.

What guarantee and customer service?

The electric winch handle ewincher is guaranteed 2 years and our engineering team is at your disposal for all relative questions with its use.