Discover in videos the electric winch handle Ewincher

Ewincher is a must have cruising tool for all sailors that need some help to hoist their main or furl their genoa.

Discover Ewincher, its capacity and characteristics

Ewincher, the best way to power your winches.

This electric winch handle is compact, light, powerful and will allow you to perform all your maneuvers on all boats up to 55 feet.

Ewincher is a wonderfull crew member, discover it in video!

Tutorial: how to use Ewincher to get the best result?

Discover in this tutorial how to use Ewincher on its different modes :

- Electric
- Manual
- Combined

You will also learn how to set up and use the integrated torque limiter. For more information do not hesitate to look at our technical features.

Ewincher comes with all its accessories : ( Pack detail )

Ewincher, better than an electric winch!

In this short fiction you'll find all the advantages of Ewincher compared to electric winches.

- Less expensive
- You keep the feeling of your manoeuvers
- Safer
- Power all your winches with one handle

Also discover why Ewincher's ergonomics make it the best electric winch handle.

More information on the Ewincher versus the electric winch comparison here

What are drills converted with a winch tip worth?

Drill-drivers are wonderful tools, you can even use them with a specific winch tip to power your winches. But is this a real sailing solution?

We tested that option on our testing bech that reproduce basic efforts met on sailing contion. Dicover in this video the results obtained.

For more information on those tests, clic here