Discover the electric winch handle Ewincher in video

Ewincher is the ideal tool for all sailors seeking for assistance to hoist the main sail, to tack and even to lift a crew member up the mast.

In this video: features and sailing manoeuvres with Ewincher

In this video: presentation of the electric winch handle Ewincher

Safety first with the electric winch handle Ewincher !

Ewincher's very easy to handle and insert into the winch socket, thanks to its ideal ergonomic design and very light weight (2.2 kg)

Ewincherby Chrysadev The first power-assisted and connected winch handle that can be used in both manual and electric mode.

Find the ideal position for your maneuvers with Ewincher!

Ewincher switches off when not in use, and since it remains on the winch you can place the handle in the ideal position before undertaking your maneuver, thus granting you maximum power and comfort with the least amount of effort.

Ewinchermaintains the feeling of winching while considerably reducing the physical effort involved. You can use the assisted or non-assisted mode, or both at once, to ensure maximum precision. You can use the Ewincheras a manual handle at any time.

Ewincher, an electric winch handle with a great autonomy

Ewincher is equipped with a very powerful 24V Lithium battery with a 3000mAh capacity. It can last more than a day of sailing. Moreover you can change of battery with easy whenever you want and charge it directly on your boat in less than an hour.

Ewincher, a completely waterproof electric winch handle

Particular attention was paid to making the compartments waterproof enough to resist heavy seas, gaining an IPX6 rating:

  • The grip is completely waterproof.
  • The handle arm is protected by a compressed peripheral seal with an oil seal on the shaftways (hand grip axis + output shaft)
  • The battery is protected by a waterproof casing, and the electrical connections in the handle arm are enclosed in a waterproof compartment when the battery is connected to the handle.

Ewincher is therefore completely waterproof.

Ewincher, the first connected electric winch handle !

Using your smartphone, you can:

  • Adapt the maximum operating power and torque delivered to the user. All users will therefore be able to adjust the handle according to their strength or the level of effort they do not wish to exceed. ewincher is so powerful that all users will be able to find the appropriate settings for them. It can also be set to an intermediate level to suit everyone.
  • Visualize all the information related to the use of your handle (state of charge, maximum effort exerted, maximum pW, average pW, duration of use, number of times it was used, Kcal, etc.)