Ewincher: manual, assisted or both modes!

The electric winch handle ewincher is the only handle with three modes of use.

Manual winch mode:

Ewincher is above all a real winch handle that can be used both manually or with electric assistance. Thanks to the continuous pressure of one of the control buttons, ewincher can be used for winching in the traditional way. This allows the crew to make a fine tuning of the tension in the sails.

Assisted winch mode:

Ewincher is a winch handle equipped with an electric motor to provide assistance during sails manoeuvres. The assisted mode is used thanks to a button on the handle that activates more or less rapidly the engine. The assisted mode makes possible to limit considerably the effort to exert on any manoeuvres of sail while being in the best possible position to exert the effort.

Assisted winch mode + manual:

Ewincher also gives the possibility to use the assisted and manual modes simultaneously. We can thus perform manoeuvres very quickly by adding the speed of rotation of the handle to that of the teammate who winches at the same time!