Ewincher, real winch handle - 2.2kg

Winch handle design

Ewincher was developed to suit as much as possible to the practice of sailing. Ewincher has a handle palm-grip type also called "pommel", which allows him both to be used with the electric assistance or manually. The pommel gives the teammate who uses it a better grip and a lot of ease to hold it with both hands. The control buttons on the winch crank are positioned to be easily accessible, with one hand as with the other.

Ergonomics of the winch handle

Ewincher is the first electric winch winch handle offering the possibility of winching in the traditional way. Its ergonomics have been specially designed to keep all the sensations related to navigation and so that it is easily handled by any teammate. As a result, it has a center distance of 250mm as a real standard winch handle for a virtually identical size.

How much does the winch handle ewincher weigh?

Weighing only 2.2kg, all team members are able to use it effortlessly and have no trouble getting it out of its handle pocket to position it on the winch. Its low weight allows it to be used in all situations even when we see the list.