Why do users prefer Ewincher to an electric winch?

What could be better than collecting user testimonials to know the value of a product? We went to meet users of the electric winch crank - Ewincher. Users with a varied navigation program. All were conquered by this equipment that has become indispensable for them on board.

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With Ewincher and without an electric winch, he single handly maneuvers his old racing 55-foot.

”Thanks to Ewincher, I always use 100% of the capabilities of my boat”

Ewincher - rum route

Pierre-Yves sails on his 55 feet of competition with which he has already participated twice in the Route du Rhum. Now that the competition is behind him, he's got an Ewincher crank. "On my 17m boat, the mainsail is 107 m2 and weighs 100 kg. Sending the mainsail takes 20 minutes to hoist it to the top of the 23 m mast. Without Ewincher, I would be very out of breath! "It is also thanks to this "crewmember" that Jean-Yves can continue to sail solo on his large sailboat." And even on a cruise, Ewincher allows me to shoot more on the boat. I delay the time to take a reef, or reduce the Genoa, because I know I would be helped for the maneuver”.

”No more need for electric winches”

Ewincher - Sun odyssey

Jean-Renaud has been using the Ewincher for 2.5 years on his Sun Odyssey 379. "I ordered my sailboat with an electric winch at the piano. At that time, I did not know this crank, but if I had to do it again, I would not order any more electric winch. The Ewincher makes up for all uses. I appreciate being able to reverse the direction of rotation of the crank and thus use the 2 speeds of the winches. The return of force by holding the crank also tells me when it forces too much. I'm not afraid to damage my boat. "The question of the battery crank's range is not a problem for this sailor: "For my use, a battery takes 24 hours of navigation. And I have two... To cross the Bay of Biscay or even go to the Scilly, this is more than enough for me. Even if I never had to do it, I can recharge them on board on the 12V, if not on the 220 V at the stopover.”

After discovering Ewincher, the electric winch handle, he can no longer do without it :

”I didn't see the use of it, but today I can't live without it”

Testimonial - Ewincher - Catamaran 41 ft

Dominique sails on a 41-foot catamaran, a Lerouge plane. This crank, he did not see the use on board. But when his colleagues gave him one as a retirement gift, he finally adopted it. "On my boat, I use the electric staid to hoist the mainsail, I have no physical problem on that side. On the other hand, when I have to furl my Genoa…not the same story, I counted 70 rounds of crank to perform. With Ewincher, I don't even ask myself any more questions. "Dominique also appreciates the machine"because it allows me to keep my head up, looking towards the sail throughout the maneuver. No need to focus my body while developing the effort. " And no problem autonomy issue, "I use the Ewincher for all the winches on board without any restrictions. It even looks like I'm the one who has the record in time to use the crank! " he slips us with a smile.

Powerful enough to maneuver a multi 50, outside of racing and without an electric winch!

”Strong enough for my Multi 50!”

Sébastien Rogues - Ewincher - Primonial

The Offshore Runner, Sébastien Rogues, also had the opportunity to try this crank on his Multi 50 Primonial. If he does not use it during the competition (this assistance is forbidden!), the Ewincher is widely acclaimed for conveyances. Indeed, on this powerful sailboat, the forces are colossal. Ewincher responds and dothe work even facing these very
important efforts: "Our trimaran is equipped with harken winches 65.3. The ewincher's interest is to be able to use the 3 speeds by reversing its direction of rotation. We used it without a problem to hoist the mainsail or gennaker. Certainly we drain the battery faster than on a cruise ship, but if it works for a Multi 50, it necessarily works for a cruise use! According to Sébastien Rogues, this technical product is very successful: "We have not encountered any problems of operation and the delivery in his briefcase with the strap and the 2 batteries are reminiscent of a luxury object. Forr Sebastian, this crank is relly well presented and designed.

Discover Ewincher, the electric winch handle

Ewincher pack

These four sailors are unanimous in stressing the ease of use of this crank:"Autonomous, this cordless but very powerful lit does not require any power cable like other models already tried, but never adopted. Fast charging and possibility of having 2 batteries are also a source of safety on board. Just like not having to rely on the batteries on board (as is the case with an electric winch) also means safety. Finally, each of the users surveyed highlights the quality of the after-sales service with simple access and a quick and personalized response to all questions. A real plus in the age of globalization!