EWINCHER in the marine environment

EWINCHER was designed to face the harsh marine environment. IPX6 certified, it is resistant to sea water, salt and rain.

The cordless electric winch handle, EWINCHER, does not float, but it is perfectly secured on board, thanks to:

  • Its winch locking system. As soon as you set the EWINCHER on a winch, it locks in place, so you can sail with peace of mind.
  • Dedicated winch handle pocket. This accessory, supplied with EWINCHER, allows you to safely store your handle on the deck.
  • A security leach. For the most delicate manoeuvres, such as a winch manoeuvre at the foot of the mast, a safety strap is also supplied with your future wireless electriic winch handle. Attached directly to the handle grip, it allows you to secure the handle and think only about the essentials: your navigation.