Ewincher arrived to Tayandu island

Corinne and Michel sails to the gorgeous beaches of Tayandu island.

That's it, on Ganesh, the real test of ewincher has begun ! After many miles we arrived to Tayandu Island, a real piece of paradise on earth !

15-20 knots, Ganesh is cruising fast and I am able to do all the maneuvers with ease thanks to ewincher. For the last adjustements, the second gear of the winch combined with ewincher is perfect says Corinne.


Michel found quickly the best position for him to use ewincher as you can see on the picture above. Both Corinne and Michel are really happy of the help ewincher is providing them, especially during hot days when it can be pretty exhausting to winch !

To be continued...

Corinne and Michel


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