Ewincher versus an electric winch

Ewincher, better than an electric winch:

  • Cheaper than a unique electric winch.
  • It provides full assistance on all winches and control lines.
  • Ewincher is a ready to use solution and requires no installation on board.
  • Better adjustment of control lines:
    • The Ewincher speed regulator enables precise handling. Most electric winches do not have a speed regulator (On/Off button).
  • It provides more safety than with an electric winch, thanks to the constant control that you keep, like with a standard handle (so, as soon as something gets stuck, you feel it immediately and can stop it), as well as the fact that Ewincher features a highly sensitive and adjustable torque limiter, avoiding the risk of material damage.
  • Electric winches are often a nightmare for service batteries: each time they are used, they solicit between 60 and 100A. These high and repeated discharge currents cause accelerated ageing of service batteries. Ewincher, on the other hand, is equipped with its own battery, designed to bear high discharge currents. When you recharge your Ewincher battery on your service batteries, the inrush current is only 6A. So, there is no risk for your service batteries.
  • Moreover, the installation of an electric winch is not always possible. Cockpits and deck layouts do not always provide sufficient space to install the electric motor.

Ewincher is better than a 4-speed winch:

Ewincher is a very powerful and quick helper with its own energy source; you just need to hold it and it does the work for you. It is a CONSIDERABLE help.

A 4-speed winch is still a winch, even if its extra gear-ratio requires less instant effort, but as it manoeuvres more slowly, the global energy that you provide remains the same. Therefore, the advantage is very limited, except for racing, as will be seen below.

The new range of 4-speed, higher purchase-ratio winches for faster trimming, or with lower purchase-ratio in order to force less, is an interesting concept. But this will never replace electric motorised winches, if you need assistance.

In order to understand the advantages or limits of these winches better, suppose that you are cycling and that you have to climb a hill. With more gears, you will be able to manage your effort better, and thus, gain a little more speed to climb the hill. But the effort required to climb it remains the same.

While these high-tech, and therefore, costly winches can be useful for racing to increase the speed of manoeuvres, in no way can they replace an electric winch or an electric winch handle, which are the only solutions for providing the extra power required for your manoeuvres.
The 4-speed winch is the racing bike, and the electric winch handle is the electric bike!