Ewincher is an all-in-one system:
you can power your genoa roller-furler and much more!

The main concept of the electric genoa roller-furler is to provide a powered system dedicated to furling or unfurling your genoa. It requires the specific installation of an electric roller-furler that is only used for this manoeuvre.

With the Ewincher, it is extremely simple to furl your genoa: you install the halyard of your standard genoa furler on a winch and then use Ewincher. Quick, easy, precise and completely safe, thanks to constant effort control. If something gets stuck, you feel it immediately, no risks of damage.

Combined with a standard roller-furler, Ewincher is much better than an electric genoa roller-furler.

  • Much less expensive than an electric furler.
  • It provides full assistance on all winches and for all control lines, not only for the genoa.
  • Better control of your manoeuvers:
    • Ewincher enables constant hand feeling, so you maintain very good control of the control line.
    • When manoeuvring, you hold the Ewincher in one hand, and can control the furling speed precisely, thanks to the speed regulator. With the other hand, you can ease the genoa sheet. Your genoa will be perfectly and easily furled.
  • Increased safety:
    • You keep a reliable and approved mechanical furler system with no risk of difficulty in heavy wind conditions, in case of failure of your electric genoa furler.

Ewincher is an all-in-one system: all your winches are powered and your genoa roller-furler becomes electric!