3 modes of use

Electric mode: for maximal assistance, the Ewincher motor does all the work.

Manual mode: to adjust the setting, like with a standard handle.

Combined mode: for exceptional trimming speed.


Press the trigger on the handle, hold the handle still and winch effortlessly!

Two non-exclusive and cumulative features allow you to fine-tune the speed control in the selected mode.

Variable trimming speed. With the simple touch of a fingertip, you can control the speed of the Ewincher, which can be as high as 100 rotations per minute! The more you press, the faster you winch!

Remember, most winches have two speeds: a low one when you winch one way and a high one when you winch the other way. Ewincher is perfectly adapted to this particularity of winches. It allows you to choose between two speeds, low and high, independently of the trimming speed which you can always control.With Ewincher you can always control the speed and choose to use the high or low speed of the winch at any time.

The winch can be switched from one speed to another in two ways:

  1. By simply pressing the second button on the handle, located directly under the knob.

  2. In a much more intuitive way, by flipping the Ewincher handle to the other side of the winch, you switch to the direction of rotation of the winch gear you wish to use for winching. From the very first time you use it, you will adopt this totally intuitive feature. For more information, please watch our video tutorial on the right.


The shape and size of the Ewincher could be mistaken for a standard handle, but that's precisely because it can be used as such.
Don't loose the pleasure of trimming and the joys of sailing: to use Ewincher in manual mode, hold down the second button, located under the knob of the grip, and winch as usual.This feature is particularly useful when you want to fine-tune a setting by hand, or simply feel and control the tension in the ropes:  No need to change the handle, you already have a standard handle in your hands!


The combined mode consists in using the electric mode, so instead of maintaining the handle still, you winch at the same time: You then add the two rotation speeds to reach unparalleled trimming speed.This mode is most useful at the start of a manoeuvre, when there is little tension in your ropes and you need to trim in very quickly.

It is suitable for all stages of navigation

With its three operating modes, Ewincher facilitates your navigation and adapts to any type of condition at sea: Its flexibility of use and incredible functionality allow it to be used by anyone, at any time during manoeuvres.Each manoeuvre stage requires different needs: Ewincher's modes of use meet these needs entirely, while adapting perfectly to crew members' reflexes and habits.

1) Rope tensioning and manoeuvre preparation:

Prior to each manoeuvre, whether for hoisting the mainsail or trimming the genoa sheet, the ropes are loose: at this stage, winching requires little effort. Whether trimming the line manually or winching at full speed, the crew members expect this stage to be especially fast: By choosing the combined mode, Ewincher now allows you to trim in the ropes in record time (up to 160 rotations per minute)!

2) Winching at full speed:

When the rope starts to become tense, crew members usually winch using the high speed mode of the winch (i.e. counter-clockwise): with Ewincher, you then switch to electric mode, using the high speed of the winch.

3) Adapting to tension:

At the end of the manoeuvre, when the rope tension is at its peak, winching by hand at high speed becomes increasingly difficult. At this point, crew members usually change the direction of rotation and winch at low speed. Tension also has an effect on Ewincher: therefore, reverse the direction of rotation to use the low speed of the winch, while still in electric mode.

4) Fine-tune the final settings:

In order to adjust the final settings, or to fine-tune them later during navigation, you can continue to use Ewincher's electric mode, adapting and controlling the trimming speed, or you can use the manual mode directly.