Ewincher, la première véritable Manivelle de Winch Electrique

Press articles and tests:

Ewincher, winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018

Ewincher, winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018

Discover the article of the well-known US magazine Sail, that after discovering Ewincher, rewarded it with the Pittman Innovation Awards 2018!

"The concept of a stand-alone portable electric winch handle have been made simple and straightforward, little more than oversized electric drills, while Ewincher takes the game to a whole new level of sophistication."

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review by international yatching media

Ewincher thouroughly tested by IYM

"We tested Ewincher over few weeks, first out of the water and then on board and, we can already disclose it, we have really liked it!

State-of-the-art batteries, lightness, integration with the App are all features that make this product a precious and truly effective tool to facilitate maneuvers on board.

But let’s proceed step by step and let’s see how the winch handle acted during our test."

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Yatching World

Electric winch, 4-speed winches or electric winch handle?

"Electric winches are often considered as reference for any navigator needing a help on deck. Yet, they are far from perfect, starting with the prohibitive cost.

In the last few years, new solutions have been found: 4-speed winches and electric winch handles.
Here is an overview of their comparative advantages:"

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